Hallo Vina Aulia Cantik 👋-


Nice to meet you,

even though it's only via direct messenger at the moment, that's fine with me.

First I want to say thank you very much for the notis

because your response was quite good, it seems vina is indeed a good woman.

Maybe through this website that I made, I can make more friends than DM, hopefully we can become good friends in the future.😉-

Oh yeah, I really like movies and coffee.

hmmm maybe all women don't like coffee, but they definitely like movies,
I like almost all film genres, from action, romantic, comedy or serial films.
maybe in the future we can watch together or have coffee together
why not?
Naik pesawat kursi nya sempit
duduk nya di dekat sayap

mungkin lewat dm rada sulit
gimana kalo lanjut di whatsapp?
`Regards =
`Fikry Pamungkas